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7-Time World Champion & 9-Time Guinness World Records Holder

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What is füsed?

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füsed is the brainchild of World Champion Rope Jumper, and 2-Time Guinness World Records Holder (jump rope and unicycle records**), Peter Nestler. A unique amalgamation of performance art, this show fuses together various live elements to create one of the most engaging and sought-after programs in the world.

Combining his mastery of rope skipping (which has affectionately brought him the nickname of Rope Master), the athletic prowess of unicycling, the art of poi spinning, glow-in-the-dark ropes, audience participation and motivational speaking, fused is the must-see show for youth, children and families. Peter is a licensed Pastor through Church on the Move in Tulsa, OK and his unique approach to ministry is fun, engaging and Christ Centered.

Peter has performed all over the world since he began jumping rope in 1986. His program has been seen in such countries as Australia, Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, Cambodia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Kenya, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, South Korea, Sweden, Tanzania, Thailand and Vietnam. He has also performed in almost every state in the US and has been seen on television programs such as Fox News and ESPN. Due to his expertise in rope skipping he also was contracted to double for Adam Sandler in Jack & Jill for a Double Dutch scene in the movie.

**Peter has the official Guinness World Records record for most skips in one minute on a unicycle (237) and he also holds an additional 6 Guinness World Records including the fastest mile hopping on one foot while skipping rope and the most skips in 30 seconds on one foot.

Learn to Jump Rope Online

December 7th learn to jump rope

Exciting news! We just launched a new website (sister or brother site depending on your bent). This website has been in the works for a while and it's purpose is to make all of our instructional videos available in a streaming fashion. Jump Rope Secrets is now your source for the best in rope skipping instruction. Streaming? What's that? Basically, we have taken every video we've ever created and put them in the cloud. You can access the videos from your phone, tablet or computer anywhere you are (assuming you have an internet connection). Hop on over and sign up for a Silver account for free and check out some videos to get an idea of what we're talking about. Oh yeah, when we say everything, we mean everything.


Video Update from Christ Fellowship

October 25th

This is a video from my visit to Christ Fellowship in Florida. I just ran across this even though the show was this past summer. Sorry about any ads, but I linked to the video from the news website. It's great to see how we can promote our outreaches to the community!


A Pace to Rival the Power of Aquaman

October 25th

I finally got the video uploaded. It's a very shortened version of the total video as I think watching an hour of this would get old in a hurry. I have to thank my very patient judges as they had to be intently watching the entire time to make sure they counted every jump. Also, if you're into reading newspaper articles, the News Observer in Raleigh ran a story on this which you can read by Clicking Here. My favorite line is where he says I jumped at "a pace to rival the power of Aquaman." So the moral of the story, even Aquaman wouldn't be a fast rope jumper underwater. The truth hurts even superheroes.


Underwater Rope Skipping Record Shattered

October 14th

Underwater Jump Rope World Record

Yesterday I broke my 9th current Guinness World Records title, this one was for jumping rope underwater the most times in one hour! What!? How does that work? That seems to be the overwhelming response I get when I tell someone what I was training for. Well, it's hard to describe, but basically, you jump rope while holding your breath as many times as you can for an hour. But no one can hold their breath that long. True...but you don't have to do the whole thing on just one breath. I'll explain that in a moment, but to let you in on what I mean by shattered: old world record = 900. New world record = 1,871. This Guinness World Records machine strikes again!


Seventeen Years is Too Many

October 8th

Son Nguyen, Trent Cunningham and Peter Nestler

A couple weeks ago Alicia and I headed down to Florida. We had some shows in the area, but timed the trip to coincide with my old jump rope partner and his wife visiting Disney. We had a blast hanging out as this was the first time we have had no obligations except for just having some fun. While we were there I was able to setup dinner with another ex-teammate. In fact, this was the first time in 17 years that the three of us had been together. Son Nguyen, Trent Cunningham and Peter Nestler. It certainly doesn't look like it now, but back in the day, we were quite the team (along with James Mothershead and Josh Bonk).


Guinness World Records Machine

October 6th

fastest_100_meters_one_foot_guinness_world_records This past year I have really been getting some traction from this Guinness World Records thing. I'll find out next week whether I will be on a TV show that is looking to feature some world record holders (keeping it on the low down until I find out for sure). Today I received an email from Guinness that one of my records is part of their "Fan Choice". VOTE HERE if you would like to support this one (make sure you vote for 'fastest 100 m jumping rope on one leg).
In the description they posted about my record I'm referred to as "a bit of a Guinness World Records Machine". Who wouldn't love that title?


Eight Guinness World Records Now in the Bag

September 6th

Peter Nestler Treadmill Hopping Guinness World Rec

Today I broke my 8th Guinness World Record. Actually, a better term might be {insert powerful word here} since I doubled the previous record. My wife will be the first to tell you that I am very excited to have this one done because it is my final one footed record! I must be known at the GWR office as the one footed guy due to the plethora of records I have completed by hopping on one foot. Today's record was for the longest duration hopping on one foot on a treadmill. Check it out.


Let's Glow!

August 20th

Peter Nestler Glow Rope Poi Spinning

One of the most popular parts of my show is undoubtedly the glow rope routine I do at the end. Of course this is not always possible at every show since some buildings are full of windows, others can't turn off the lights (or there's one right in the middle of the room that no one can figure out how to turn off) or the show is outside. I've always enjoyed this part since it's such a visual feast and everyone loves it. However, there are certain pit falls that I've run into with this over the years...



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I want to personally welcome you to my website.

Over the past 29 years I've had many great opportunities to travel the globe performing as a master rope jumper and unicyclist.

Now I want to bring what I've learned to you. Whether you're interested in booking a live performance or picking up one of my world-class instructional dvd's. I would love to spend some time with you teaching and showing what rope skipping is all about.

All the work and all the years that I've been practicing, it's all been for you. One rope, one wheel, one word...füsed.

Peter is great for events which are geared to reach the "unchurched" because he is relevant and can keep the attention of an audience, using his physical ability to "hook" them.


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