In case you haven’t seen my show before, one of the highlights is the glow-in-the-dark finale. Obviously this requires a very dark room for it to look the best. This isn’t too much of a problem at most churches, but schools are a different matter entirely. Many have loads of windows and the show is in the middle of the day. If this happens, I just skip that part and end with a very cool freestyle, the kids don’t know they missed anything and the circle of life goes on.

Not too long ago I was performing at a private school somewhere in Indiana. I showed up and was told that they would have the windows covered before I got there so I could just set up and go. Not the case. I walked into the building and was shown the room and there stood a very long windowed wall to the great outdoors. Needless to say the glow was looking like it was out. The secretary walked in and took one look. She was very mad that it hadn’t been covered and it turns out the janitor had taken off for a dentist appointment. Things didn’t look so hot. I went out to my truck and brought in all my gear (sound system, ropes, unicycles, etc.) and by the time I got back in…there she was, covering the walls. She was determined that things were getting done regardless of who’s job it was. For the next 30 minutes as I set-up, she worked her tail off to cover the 10 foot high windows with massive black painter sheets. By the time the show was ready to start, the walls were covered and the glow was a massive hit for the students…all because of her.

A lot of people have this mentality that they will only do the minimum job required. They do their work, but that’s it! No more, no less. In Matthew 5:41 it says, “If someone forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles.” This referred to a time in the bible when a Roman soldier was allowed to ask any subjugated person (pretty much anyone who lived in the greater Roman Empire) to carry his gear for him. The law allowed him to make you carry it one mile for him, no further. Jesus told his audience that if this happens, go another mile. Don’t allow yourself to develop the attitude that says, “I’ll only do what’s required of me”.

If we’re really going to live the way Christ intends and reach the people we can reach, we need to think, believe and operate different than the average person. If you see something that needs to be done, do it. Don’t mope and complain, don’t try to get everyone’s attention, just do it. I love seeing people like this secretary. Not a single kid would ever know that she busted her hump to make sure that room got dark, but she did it anyway. She wanted the kids to have the best experience possible, regardless of the fact that she had to put in some extra work. Once you get this, and live your life looking for these opportunities, God will be able to use you in ways you can’t imagine.

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